Having posted a photo of my elbow being x-rayed on Instagram, Lyndon Poskitt reached out to […]
Kaz Plum
I had the pleasure of being referred to Kaz Plum via Dakar racer Andrew Houlihan who […]
Elbow Diagnosis I had my appointment today. It’s definitely medial epicondylitis but there was concern of […]
I’ve self-diagnosed myself with medial epicondylitis which is known colloquially as “golfers elbow” – a repetitive […]
On April 9, I officially moved from physical therapy to the gym. I chose Alloy Fitness. […]
I’ll get around to filling this in. TL;DR – I had 6 weeks of physical therapy […]
Jan 19 was my first step in pursuit of this idea. I visited an orthopedic medicine […]
After my less-than-awesome visit to Resurgens in Atlanta, I booked and visited Dr. Myers at Myers […]