Dave Black

• Software & IT Professional for over 20 years & 12 years with Apple

• Lived in Beijing China 4 years & travelled to over 30 countries

• Former Cannonball record-holder from NY to LA with Ed Bolian and Dan Huang

• Current Bandit Run record-holder. Atlanta-Texarkana-Atlanta

5 Pillars to Podium


Imagine dressing up in layers, and spending 12-18 hours a day in the desert wrestling a 350 lb. machine through sand for 13 days, frequently getting knocked onto the ground.

See more about my plan to transform myself into the kind of beast that can handle this.


Freezing cold mornings, hellish heat in the afternoons, fatigue, frustration, and those moments where all of these combine to a point where everything in your core wants to quit, or worse…your mind actively tries to undermine your efforts. How does one develop the mental toughness to keep going when it would be too easy to quit?


It’s not just being able to ride a motorcycle through sand and dry, rocky river beds. It’s about splitting your attention with cryptic instructions on a sheet of paper rolling in front of you at a race pace to navigate complex terrain to invisible checkpoints. Let’s not forget the ability to repair anything that could go wrong on the bike.


Along with the $20-$30k required to do an unsupported Dakar, or the $100k to be supported, there are other expenses for qualifier rallies, training bike, trials bike, rally bike, parts, training classes, travel, and even medical expenses. As I’m not independently wealthy, this is going to take significant sacrifices. 


This effort is impossible without the support of a great team of mechanics, doctors, physical therapists, trainers, coaches, sponsors, and most importantly – friends and supporters whose emotional support will carry me through the darkest times when I want to quit.

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