Performance Criteria

UPDATE / STRIKETHROUGHS – November 15,2022 (since completing Sonora Rally)

  • Complete a rally like Sonora in the top 50% and/or within 30% of the fastest riders.
  • Confidently ride every type of terrain at a race pace
  • Complete 4 trials events
  • Complete 4 enduro races
  • Complete 2 desert races
  • Complete 2 roadbook rally raid style races (Sonora & Hellas)
  • Completely rebuild race motorcycle


  • Trials & Hard Enduro Training
  • Trials Competitions
  • XC Races
  • Rally Participation
  • Ride Sandy Tracks & Dunes
  • Race Sandy Tracks – Sandblast Rally
  • Motocross training & track time
  • Enduros & Hare Scrambles
  • Drills, Drills, Drills


Injuries prevent practice
Use high-quality protective equipment. Ride carefully.

Distraction / Chasing Fun
Maintain consistency training specific skills & do new activity for fun &

The time vs. money vs. age clock runs out
Maximize training and be very intentional every time on the bike.


Moto Trials riding class for foundations and training pathways
COMPLETED – 1 day private lesson with Ray Peters. 2 days at the TTC for their annual Trials Training Days – March 23, 2021.

Desert riding class with the goal of baseline skill assessment. @ Jimmy Lewis
COMPLETED – off-road riding class Mar 29, 2021.

Ride Enduro and XC at local venues like Highland Park 2x a month 
IN-PROGRESS – Purchased XC bike May 13, 2021. First ride on May 15,2021.

1 Trip To S. Georgia Sand Roads

MX School

Phase 1

6-Day Dakar Simulation in Morocco w/ Lyndon Poskitt in 2022

3 GNCC or SORC Races in 2021

Sandblast Rally in 2022

1 District 37 Race in 2022

XC Drills 2x / month
IN-PROGRESS since May 15, 2021

MX Laps 1x/ month