On April 9, I officially moved from physical therapy to the gym. I chose Alloy Fitness. My selection criteria was that it a) Wasn’t CrossFit b) Was personalized. c) Wasn’t 1:1 to keep costs down. I happened upon an ad in Facebook for Alloy that had a “vibe” that fit my criteria, so I filled out their application. The gym owner contacted me immediately and we set up a time to visit for an assessment. About 10 minutes later, I get a call from Rick who owns the entire Alloy company and he was super-excited to have someone training for a run at the Dakar as he’s an adventure motorcyclist, loves the Dakar, ad had just watched DreamRacer. He offered to help me out in some capacity, but I’m going defer having that conversation until I’ve proven my dedication and have a legitimate date for the Dakar. I’ll begin collecting some media and data to show my progression which will make for a great transformation video.



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