MX Training with Ezra Lusk

On June 27, I attended a 4 hour beginner motocross workshop with Ezra Lusk. We worked on turns, braking, riding ruts, and jumping. It was great to have some intentional practice and feedback. The funny part was that besides another guy in his late 50s, everyone else in the class was under 11 years old. It was fun and I definitely learned a lot. During the class, I cleared a double my first time. It will be unforgettable. Running laps on various MX tracks is definitely a great way to develop skills that can be applied in XC and rally environments. It refines your connection with your bike quickly – quick punishments for doing it wrong….quick rewards for doing it right. The repetition is what counts the most.

Such an awesome and memorable day. Can’t wait to hit more MX tracks.



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