I set out to map Highland Park with my camera and mobile tracking app to document which trails I’d like to revisit and put together into a route. I’m still collecting my notes on this, but it was a day of every type of trail – some super-twisty single-track requiring full-lock turns around switchbacks, rutted hard-enduro-ish climbs up slippery roots, fast & flows sections, and more. I did to two “recon” missions – each one lasting a little more than an hour with a break in-between. After my first run, I tried to do a u-turn up a berm, stalled it, and high-sided myself across the trail in an amusing crash. Other than a bruised rib and ego, it was an awesome day. The last trail put me out in front of the exit trail requiring me to complete the entire main loop road which I absolutely blasted as fast as I could. It was a LOT of fun.



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